Apps as Fortune Tellers? 5 Ways Predictive Apps Will Change Your World.


Need an Uber? Or the very latest music? Technology is gearing up to know you better than you know yourself.

Planet of the Apps


business - Planet of the Apps -

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Readily available technology allows small businesses to stay organized, in communication and keep their financial house in order.

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Using Apps to Connect with Employees


It's an often overlooked strategy, but Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider says businesses can use apps to communicate with staff on their smart phones and tablets.

The Best Apps for Road Warriors


From reporting an accident to finding the nearest mechanic, a host of new iPhone and Android apps help make driving easier.

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4 apps ecológicas


Estas aplicaciones te ayudarán a transformar las actividades diarias de tu empresa en actos sustentables. ¡Descárgalas!

Apps That Can Help Your Web Team Get More Done


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Need Help Retaining Employees? Some Apps for That


Social media-style programs give workers public kudos when they go above and beyond. Consider these employee rewards-and-recognition apps.

4 apps para


¿Te imaginas usar una aplicación para manejar tu última voluntad? Estas herramientas te permitirán dejarle un mensaje a tus seres queridos, administrar tu herencia digital y hasta saber qué decir en funerales y entierros.

The Difference Between Websites and Apps


Sure, apps function a lot like websites. But there are three key differences. Michael Schneider of Mobile Roadie has more.