Vertical Is on the Horizon of the On-Demand Economy


The visible on-demand boom signals a shift from horizontal business models to vertical marketplaces. Here's what lies ahead in the 'age of vertical.'

How to Coach Your Team with Vertical Reviews


It's time to shake things up, get rid of those standard annual reviews and use a vertical review to help your employees improve their performance.

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Taking your existing product or service to an untapped customer base can grow your company, but the decision should be carefully evaluated.

What would it take to start a modest vertical ad network?


What would it take to start a modest vertical ad network? |

The Rise of Vertical Marketplaces in Indian E-commerce Space


E-commerce industry has also been under a transit and the rapid growth seen in this segment has been the fastest till now.

The Rise of Vertical Marketplaces In The Indian e-commerce Space


Marketplaces in the Indian e-Commerce Space need to grow vertically as well and not just horizontally

Long Considered an Eyesore, Vertical Video Is Now Being Embraced by Mobile Marketers


Snapchat, which helped popularize the format, says that vertical video ads are nine times more likely to be viewed to completion than their horizontal counterparts.