Your Employees Will Love You for Offering These 3 Family Benefits


Nothing does more to stimulate employee loyalty than giving your team practical help balancing job and family obligations.

The Benefits of Launching a Family Business in Your Golden Years


Whether because of economic necessity or to satisfy a postponed desire, for some the best time to start a business is when they otherwise might retire.

Therapy by the Book


An avid scrapbooker enhances the relaxing effects of her hobby by combining it with spa amenities.

Need to Vent? Forget the Couch, Startup Moves Therapy Online


With digital diaries and video chats, offers online counseling for woman and a "nice play to go crazy."

A Startup That Offers A Lil' Bit Of Everything: Therapy


The subscription box service that offers a little bit of everything for the lifestyle of busy women.

Sorry Bro, You're Out: How to Fire a Family Member Without Destroying the Family -- and the Business


While you should never have to fire a family member, here are five steps to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Family First: Securing Continued Growth For Family Businesses In The MENA Region


It is a more private, low profile subset of the business world that turns out to be the main driver: family businesses.

The Supreme Sales Advantage of a Family Business Is the Family Story


Customers are not simply making cold calculations when they decide from whom they will buy. When they know the family, they trust the business.

When Employees Aren't Part of the 'Family' in Family Business


Your top employee may not be a member of your family, but is almost certainly a key to your company's success. Are you doing enough to keep him or her happy?

Is Your Family Fit to Run the Family Business?


Check your emotions at the door before turning your company over to the next generation.

If You Have A Family, Place Your Family Before Your Business


Chan Huang Yee On Biggest Challenge A Woman Entrepreneur Faces

How to Fire a Family Member in a Family-Run Business


To fire a family member may be one of the most difficult challenges a family business will face. Here is how to ensure the process is as painless as possible.

Understanding the Law of


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Understanding the Rankings


A look inside on how the Franchise 500® list was compiled.

Understanding The IRS


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Understanding Rejection


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Understanding The IRS


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Understanding The Opposite Sex


How to improve communications with the opposite sex by understanding what's really being said.