Should ROI Be Attached to Every Marketing Activity?


Here's a three step plan to help you apply the right set of tools and data-mining strategies to get the most out of your ROI measurement plan.

Why This Old School Activity Is Beneficial to Your Brain


Research keeps showing why it's a good idea to hold on to your pen and paper.

Are there limits as to how much an employer can monitor your activity at work?


Are there limits as to how much an employer can monitor your activity at work? |

Competition: A Choice Activity for Young Entrepreneurs


In the final days of March Madness, do you feel like your company is a Baylor or UNLV? Here's how to size up the competition and come out on top.

3 Reasons Why You Should Manage Sales Activity Instead of Pipeline


Accurate activity data will allow both you and management to have a true understanding of what's going on in the business and whether pipelines are achievable.

Parents May Be Held Accountable for Kids' Facebook Activity, Court Rules


A Georgia appellate court ruled that the parents of a seventh-grader who created a fake and defamatory Facebook account for a classmate may be liable for emotional damages by a jury.

For the First Time Since the Great Recession, U.S. Startup Activity Is Strengthening


A new report from the Kauffman Foundation shows a rebound in entrepreneurship.

Excessive Sitting Could Shorten Your Life. Engineer Activity Into Your Routine Today.


A 2014 study estimates that every two hours of sitting cancels out the benefits of 20 minutes of exercise.

Increased Activity in the Real Estate Sector Will Lead To Additional Employment Generation


The increased activity in the sector will lead to additional employment generation, which is good for the economy.

Uber and Flipboard Help VC Deal Activity Hit $7.2 Billion Last Quarter


While the mobile industry had a record-breaking quarter for VC funding, health care was a flop.

Pebble Lowers Prices, Expands Retail Presence and Adds New Activity-Tracking Features


The smartwatch company is taking several steps to make its devices more accessible to more people.

Eyeing Twitter, Facebook Rolls Out New Tools That Track Social Activity Surrounding TV Events


Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC's Today Show, BSkyB and Slate will be the first media outlets with access to the applications, which are a seen as a thinly-veiled move to encroach on Twitter's dominance as the forum for real-time conversations.

A Young Mayor's Plan to Retain Tech Talent and 'Rev' Local Startup Activity


27 year-old Mayor Svante Myrick's plan to boost Ithaca's startup ecosystem and its existing small-business community.

Understanding The IRS


Dealerships - Understanding The IRS -

Understanding the Rankings


A look inside on how the Franchise 500® list was compiled.

Understanding The IRS


Dealerships - Understanding The IRS -

Understanding the Law of


business, business success - Understanding the Law of "Necessary but Insufficient" -

Understanding Rejection


Small Business - Understanding Rejection -