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Towards A More Inclusive Society: Canadian University Dubai Students Develop Efhamni, An Emirati Sign Language App


The team designed a mobile application Efhamni (Arabic for "Understand Me"), which teaches Emirati sign language.

How do I market to wealthy individuals?


How do I market to wealthy individuals? |

How Can I Hire Exceptional Individuals?


I'm building my first startup toward launch. I've learned a lot during the process, but hiring continues to perplex me. I've hired about 20 people over the past several months, and fired most. But one guy I found is incredibly talented, 50 times better than everybody else. It's incredible to have this secret weapon on my team. When I first talked to him, I got a gut feeling and hired him to be my head of marketing. How do I meet more people like this without spending as much time as I did to find this one jewel? How do great companies leverage recruiting?

For a Better Work Environment, Treat Your Employees as Individuals


Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of HighGround, shares an experience with the worst boss he has ever had.

Research Shows When Groups Are Diverse, Individuals Are Less Likely to Go Along With the Crowd


A new study looked at how individuals make decisions when part of racially diverse groups.

6 Ways to Motivate Individuals to Become a Winning Team


People work hardest when they believe what they do is important to the people they work with.

T-Mobile Eliminates International Data Fees for Individuals and Businesses


In a win for business travelers, the wireless carrier will slash fees for data and texting in more than 100 countries beginning October 31.

iCrushiFlush enables like-minded individuals to connect on a personal level


The dating app iCrushiFlush recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a pre-series A (early stage) from IDG Ventures India.

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The Benefit of Benefits


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Net Benefits


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Distributing Benefits


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Mutual Benefits


An employee stock ownership plan lets you take some cash out of your company while giving your workers a stake in the business.

The Benefits Of Coffee


Feeling guilty about grabbing that third cup of coffee? Our Health & Fitness Expert explains why it's not such a bad idea.