4 Reasons Business Leaders Should Support the Paris Climate Accord


Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. Avoiding a climate catastrophe is the biggest business opportunity in the world.

Entrepreneurs Like Obama's Call for Tax Reform, Immigration Overhaul and Deficit Accord -- Minimum-Wage Hike, Not So Much


In his first State of the Union Address of his second term, the President touched on a handful of issues that matter to the U.S. small-business community.

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Companies That Care About Climate Change Make More Money


S&P 500 firms that disclose their environmental data and set strong carbon reduction goals had higher profitability, stability, and returns to shareholders than peers.

A New Definition of Networking


It's time for a fresh look at the way we form and develop business relationships.

Change Your Definition of Marketing


A static concept means a stagnant business, and there's never been a better time for reinvention.

8 Bold Ways to Ride Out the Roller-Coaster Economic Climate


business - 8 Bold Ways to Ride Out the Roller-Coaster Economic Climate - Entrepreneur.com

6 Steps to Writing Your Own Definition of Success


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Bad Winter? Cheer Up. A Tough Climate Could Make for Great Business.


Harsh weather can be a drag, but it can also help you shape your company's brand. Bundle up and see the benefits rather than just barriers.

Obama's Climate-Change Initiatives Expected to Support Cleantech Entrepreneurs


The President unveils a set of executive actions Tuesday that aim to cut carbon pollution and prepare the U.S. for extreme weather changes.

Small Business Owners' Definition of Success Fuels Their Optimism


'There's no better place to be an entrepreneur than in the U.S.,' says the CEO of The Hartford, which recently released a survey of small businesses.

Pure Harvest Aims To Overcome Local Climate Challenges And Make Farming High Tech


Pure Harvest founder and CEO Sky Kurtz and his team are aiming to bring the hydroponic farming model to the Middle East, starting with the UAE.

Educating Execs: HEC Paris in Qatar


In 2014, the Financial Times ranked HEC Paris as #1 in the world for Executive Education.

Two Uber Execs Reportedly Arrested in Paris


The arrests come just days after heated protests by taxi drivers in the French capital.