Why Japan Is Still Buying Music CDs


Digital sales are on the decline in the country, while CD sales are still going strong.

Can I make and sell mixed CDs from our own music collection?


Can I make and sell mixed CDs from our own music collection? | Entrepreneur.com

Delta (And We) Aren't Afraid to Love the 1980s


Alf, Devo and side ponytails: A new in-flight safety video is so rad, we want to be gagged with a spoon.

Heads Up Music Lovers: YouTube to Create Streaming Music Service


With free on-demand mobile streaming and its own offline mode, YouTube could put Spotify on the defensive.

The Project Music Accelerator Gives Music-Minded Entrepreneurs a Note-Worthy Education


The Tennessee-based boot camp program hits all the high notes for industry hopefuls and pulls strings to help them get started.

Beefing Up Your Presentations With Business Card CDs


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Apple Music Strikes A Chord: Could It Be A Music Biz Trendsetter?


After Apple acquired Beats Electronics during the summer of 2014, it took just a few months for people to speculate about what Apple's going to do with it.

Behind the Music


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Music For The Masses


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Music Lessons


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The New Sounds of Music


In this issue, we look at the innovations and emerging business models in the music industry. A note from Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper.

How Music Affects Your Productivity


With so much of our work now being done at computers, music has become an important way to 'optimize the boring.' Here's how to do it right.

What Inspires Will.i.am in Music and Business


When it comes to getting his creative juices flowing, the futuristic inventor likes to look to the past.

How to Use Music as a Marketing Tool


By reaching in and plucking your heartstrings, brands who use music in their marketing can embed their messages right into your subconscious mind.

Born For Music, An Entrepreneur By Destiny


He was only 14 when he started taking guitar classes and few years later, he along with his friends from BITS Pilani founded their own rock band, 'The Thunk'.

Budgeting Is Easier With Music and Wine


Stressed out when facing your finances? Brittney Castro recommends making a fun weekly "Money Date" with yourself.