Music Service Rdio Will Launch Free Version to Compete With Spotify


Three-year-old startup Rdio is partnering with a terrestrial radio station operator to gain new content and grow its audience.

T-Mobile Announces Data-Free Music Streaming, iPhone Test-Drive Program


'Why don't AT&T and Verizon offer unlimited data plans?' asked T-Mobile CEO John Legere at the company's latest Uncarrier event. 'They're greedy bastards.'

The Project Music Accelerator Gives Music-Minded Entrepreneurs a Note-Worthy Education


The Tennessee-based boot camp program hits all the high notes for industry hopefuls and pulls strings to help them get started.

Heads Up Music Lovers: YouTube to Create Streaming Music Service


With free on-demand mobile streaming and its own offline mode, YouTube could put Spotify on the defensive.

Apple Music Strikes A Chord: Could It Be A Music Biz Trendsetter?


After Apple acquired Beats Electronics during the summer of 2014, it took just a few months for people to speculate about what Apple's going to do with it.

Gluten-Free, Organic or GMO-Free: What Matters Most to Fast-Casual Customers?


According to a Zagat survey, trendy bragging points are less important to customers than things like made-to-order food and cleanliness.

5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (or Nearly Free)


When you don't have a big budget to market your business, creativity can work just fine.

Free Your Work, Free Your Soul


Here how I built a virtual health-care practice after writing my book, The Emotion Code.

Music For The Masses


business marketing - Music For The Masses -

The New Sounds of Music


In this issue, we look at the innovations and emerging business models in the music industry. A note from Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper.

Music Lessons


Management, business - Music Lessons -

How Music Affects Your Productivity


With so much of our work now being done at computers, music has become an important way to 'optimize the boring.' Here's how to do it right.

Stream Your Music Collection Over the Net


Listen to your favorite tunes anywhere, anytime, by putting your entire music library online. It's easy, and we show you how.

Beats Music to Shut Down This Month


Now that Apple Music is firmly in place, the Beats service is scheduled to fade out by end of month.