The Dictionary: Fragrance Explained


The basics of fragrance, from a spray to a splash, to layering, and more.

Scrabble Updates Its Dictionary for the First Time in a Decade, Adding 5,000 Words


New admissions include words like 'texter,' 'funplex,' 'bromance' and 'selfie,' but Scrabble fanatics are most excited about the inclusion of four two-letter words.

Define What Success Looks Like to You


Success can mean different things to different people but the key is to envision what it means and act on it.

Define Yourself With the Expectations You Set


A key lesson from Gen. Stanley McChrystal: You are whatever you expect yourself to be.

How Do You Define Business Success?


After five grueling months mining for gold, Hoffman's crew from 'Gold Rush Alaska' fell short. Here's why setting business goals -- even small ones -- can leave you feeling like a winner.

Define tu negocio


Antes de emprender, asegúrate de que tu proyecto puede integrarse perfectamente a tu plan de vida.

Define tu estrategia


Para Rodofo Rubio, socio y director de marketing de Dumas Gourmet, el secreto para tener éxito es arrancar con un objetivo claro, así como con un buen plan de negocios.

How Should I Define My Role in My Business?


My small business has grown to the point where I'd like to hire a manager to handle the day-to-day operations. What I'm not sure about is what comes next. Once I hire a manager, what role should I take as the business owner?

How to Define Your Brand as a Leader


Self-knowledge is key to your success as a leader. Defining a clear vision will enable your team to get behind you and help your company thrive.

Arréglalo: Define tus objetivos


Marcela Barranco, una abogada que con una franquicia de arreglo y confección de ropa encontró la llave para entrar al mundo de los negocios.

Define tu perfil financiero


Para muchos, la base del éxito es la auto-imagen. Descubre cuál es tu perfil financiero y evita los pensamientos que impiden que aumentes tus ingresos.

Define Your Brand With Focus and Flexibility


If you want customers to engage with your business, you need to clearly illustrate what it is all about.

4 Questions To Help Leaders Define Their Brand


Leaders who understand their personal brand can answer these four questions about their brand's value proposition – in just a few words.

The 'Just Get 'er Done' Mentality Only Helps After You Define Success


In the crush of things to do, entrepreneurs often fail to assess the fundamentals of how they got where they are and where they are headed.

How Big Is Your Bubble? Define Your Entrepreneurial Reach


As an entrepreneur, how big is your bubble? How big do you want it to be? And perhaps most importantly, who and what do you want it to cover?

The 10 Traits That Define Entrepreneurial Success


All entrepreneurs have some of the elements of success but those who achieve the most work to cultivate all 10.

Define tus metas de ventas


Antes de salir a conquistar clientes, aprende a trazar los objetivos de ventas y obtén lo que buscas para tu empresa.

Define Your Target Audience to Grow Your Sales


business - Define Your Target Audience to Grow Your Sales -

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Define a Good Day


Understanding the components of what makes a good day for you is critical for business and life success.