Usa Wikipedia para promocionarte


Wikipedia es la enciclopedia más grande y más utilizada del mundo. Toda empresa reconocida debe de encontrarse en ésta. ¡No te quedes fuera!

Wikipedia estrena su buscador semántico


Éste tiene capacidad de comprensión de la búsqueda, para categorizarla más allá de términos coincidentes.

Web Platform, la “Wikipedia” de tecnología


Google, Apple, Facebook y otros gigantes tecnológicos lanzaron Web Platform, un repositorio de conocimientos y buenas prácticas en Internet.

What I Learned When a Wikipedia Troll Deleted My Page


The real rules of the game are hidden, political, and bizarre.

The Underground Network of Wikipedia Editors Will Create a Page for You


To build credibility, some entrepreneurs are turning to a group of editors to create a profile page on the crowdsourced encyclopedia.

At SXSW: Wikipedia's Founder on Privacy, Diversity and Robots Writing Encyclopedia Entries


Jimmy Wales talked with Guy Kawasaki about the pressures shaping the online encyclopedia for the future.

El estilo Wikipedia podría revolucionar la manera de hacer negocios


En el libro Wikinomics se predice que la creciente oleada de creaciones y colaboraciones al estilo de Wikipedia "abrirán la economía" y revolucionarán el modo en que se dirigirán los negocios en el siglo XXI.

Feeling Unsafe? Press The Safety Button


The tech-savvy community, however, has fortunately been working on quite a few safety apps that people have found useful. Here are some smartphone apps you can use.

'Like' is More than a Button: 3 Must-Have Ingredients for Your About Page


Here are what four companies have successfully done on their About pages. You might want to follow their example.

With an Empathy Button, Facebook Will Be Even More Valuable to Advertisers


It will add to the vast trove of information the social network already knows about us, giving the company greater insight into what makes us tick.

Coming Soon: A Facebook 'Dislike' Button


Mark Zuckerberg (finally) announced the development today during a Town Hall Q&A.

Through Storytelling, Entrepreneurs Can Get People to Hit the 'Buy' Button


Compelling web copy is important in creating a hook to persuade people to buy, but it is better to create an experience for people coming to your site that totally transcends the transaction.

New Details Emerge About Facebook's 'Buy' Button


Social media platforms are doubling as ecommerce platforms that deliver instant gratification in the form of instant in-feed purchases.

When Facebook's 'Like' Pushes the Wrong Button with Employers


Clicking the 'Like' button on a business, brand, organization or person's official Facebook Page may be grounds for dismissal.

Wikipedia en español es la novena edición con mayor número de contenidos a nivel mundial


La enciclopedia libre Wikipedia continúa su imparable auge entre la comunidad de internautas mundial, creciendo día a día con nuevos artículos hechos por y para el público.

Impulse Shopping Will Soon Be Even Easier Thanks to Twitter's 'Buy' Button


All marketing, all the time, looks to be the future of social media.