Top Seven Mistakes Business Owners Make Filing Insurance Claims


In the chaos that follows a natural disaster, here are the top mistakes business owners make in filing insurance claims.

4 Reasons Business Leaders Should Support the Paris Climate Accord


Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. Avoiding a climate catastrophe is the biggest business opportunity in the world.

Entrepreneurs Like Obama's Call for Tax Reform, Immigration Overhaul and Deficit Accord -- Minimum-Wage Hike, Not So Much


In his first State of the Union Address of his second term, the President touched on a handful of issues that matter to the U.S. small-business community.

"Department of Zinformation"


The winery has fun educational programs to help guests improve their wine IQ

The Defense Department Wants to Spin Off the NSA


An independent NSA could free up DOD resources for more cyberattacks, assuming they can find enough programmers.

Good Stuff Happens When You Have an HR Department of 1


Even a single human resources professional can bridge any communication rift arising between employers and employees.

Stop Looking at Your IT Department as a Cost Center


IT departments say they're seen as a "sieve in the budget," as a home for "tech nerds." In fact, IT departments are becoming increasingly strategic. Have you recognized that?

Transportation Department Wants to Ban In-Flight Calls


Yes, cellphone use on planes would be annoying. But is that annoyance worth a whole new set of rules and regulations?

Ideally, what department should handle credit applications for new customers?


Ideally, what department should handle credit applications for new customers? |

Unreasonable at Sea: Entrepreneurs Dock at the State Department


After four months of sailing around the world, entrepreneurs participating in the Unreasonable at Sea accelerator program convene in Washington D.C. to chat about their experiences and rub elbows with investors.

Justice Department Looking Into Data Breach at Uber, Sources Say


Earlier this year, Uber revealed that as many as 50,000 of its drivers' names and their license numbers had been improperly downloaded.

3 Innovative Ways to Structure Your HR Department


How to attract and retain the team you need is evolving as rapidly as the rest of the business world.

Twitter Sues Justice Department for Right to Reveal Surveillance Requests


The social-media company is the latest to speak up on speaking out about security issues.

Is Your Customer Service Department Prepared for Today's Consumers?


Keeping your audience happy means handling customer service challenges before they develop. Besides, bringing joy to customers is -- and always should be -- the name of the game.

A Platform for Stylepreneurs: Pinterest Meets Online Department Store


With StyleOwner, fashionistas can help style-challenged friends and monetize their social networks

Senators Push Treasury Department to Loosen Marijuana Banking Restrictions


Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want regulators to stop penalizing legitimate vendors hired by marijuana businesses left in a legal gray area between state and federal law.

Sign-A-Rama Awarded Export Achievement from Commerce Department


Franchise - Sign-A-Rama Awarded Export Achievement from Commerce Department -

A DIY Solopreneur Longs for the Days of the Corporate Travel Department


. . . Or does he? The web makes being an informed consumer overseas easier than ever. Plus, eight handy travel apps.