4 Reasons Business Leaders Should Support the Paris Climate Accord


Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. Avoiding a climate catastrophe is the biggest business opportunity in the world.

Entrepreneurs Like Obama's Call for Tax Reform, Immigration Overhaul and Deficit Accord -- Minimum-Wage Hike, Not So Much


In his first State of the Union Address of his second term, the President touched on a handful of issues that matter to the U.S. small-business community.

Form Follows Function


Not sure if you should incorporate? Our Start-Up Legal Expert weighs the pros and cons

Form and Function


The 2009 FX is Infiniti's most elegant crossover yet.

Good Form


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Form Meets Function


Spruce up your work--and your life--with these nifty office tools and supplies.

How You Can Form Better Habits Faster


For busy business professionals, behavior science expert James Clear offers his tips for finding your groove and being as happy and productive as possible.

Five DIY Online Form Builders


Here's a look at five low-cost customizable business form providers.

In Business Planning, Form Follows Function


Your plan should be functional and be a tool for managing your business growth.

Consider Inventing as a Form of Investment


The risks may be high, but the rewards can be splendid, both monetary and intangible.

Why You Should Create Long-Form Content (And How to Do It)


You might think writing long form its a ton of work and not worth the effort. Actually, writing long can bring some much-needed benefits.

Before You Form an S Corp, Consider These Points


Our legal expert breaks down the pros and cons of forming an S Corporation.

Using Public Speaking as Another Form of PR


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Forget 'Lifehacks.' Form Good Habits Instead.


A small selection of shortcuts are useful and meaningful, but don't be fooled by the illusion of progress.

The 3 Types of Partnerships Startups Need to Form


Developing a small number of key partnerships, especially in the early stages of building a business, can be an incredibly valuable way to grow your consumer base and experiment with additional revenue streams.

Charitable Giving is a Form of Investment


Just as you analyze your investments carefully, you should also screen potential charities.

Zirtual Is Coming Back, But in a Different Form


The embattled virtual assistant service was bought by Startups.co, but it remains to be seen how much of the previous business model will stick.

Choosing a Legal Form for Your Franchise


Don't know what franchise legal forms you need for your business? Sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC...know the option that's best for you before you buy a franchise.