4 Reasons Business Leaders Should Support the Paris Climate Accord


Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. Avoiding a climate catastrophe is the biggest business opportunity in the world.

Entrepreneurs Like Obama's Call for Tax Reform, Immigration Overhaul and Deficit Accord -- Minimum-Wage Hike, Not So Much


In his first State of the Union Address of his second term, the President touched on a handful of issues that matter to the U.S. small-business community.

Should Your Next Work Vehicle Be a Diesel?


Factors to consider when deciding between a gasoline or diesel work vehicle

France to Ban All Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2040


Such a ban would certainly help President Emmanuel Macron meet his pledge to make France carbon neutral by 2050.

U.S. Becoming 'Refiner to the World' on Strong Diesel Demand


U.S. refineries are expanding their export terminals to keep up with strong demand for diesel and jet fuel.

Volkswagen to Give Gift Cards, Repairs to Diesel Car Owners


The embattled car maker admitted to installing 'defeat devices' in 11 million vehicles worldwide.

Volkswagen Agrees to $15.3 Billion Settlement in Diesel Pollution Case


The settlement stems from VW's admission in September that it intentionally misled regulators by installing secret software that allowed U.S. vehicles to emit up to 40 times legally allowable pollution.

VW to Offer to Buy Back Nearly 500,000 U.S. Diesel Cars, Sources Say


That would include versions of the Jetta sedan, the Golf compact and the Audi A3 sold since 2009.