Hyundai Motor to Launch 200-Mile Electric Vehicle in 2018


The company is aiming to better compete with other electric car makers such as Tesla.

Hyundai Shows Off Wearable Robots to Help Paraplegics, Elderly


Hyundai's Medical Exoskeleton (H-MEX) looks like a high-tech back/leg brace combination device, plus forearm crutches.

The Hybrid Buzz


Entrepreneur, business - The Hybrid Buzz -

The Car-SUV Hybrid


Find an eco-friendlier alternative to the SUV.

High-End Hybrid


Mercedes-Benz customers will soon be able to get more green for their green.

Do Hybrid Securities Belong in Your Portfolio?


Hybrid securities are becoming increasingly common, but weigh your options before you decide to invest.

Hybrid Motivators: A New Challenge for Organizations


Is your company, like Facebook, acting to motivate employees both intrinsically and extrinsically?

The Big Changes Proposed in President Trump's 2018 Budget


Congress must decide how to implement the administration's fiscal vision for the country.

China to Launch 'Core Module' for Space Station Around 2018


China plans to have a working permanent manned space station around 2022.

Built-In Chrome Ad Blocker Coming Early 2018


Starting early next year, Google's Chrome web browser will automatically block some of the most annoying and intrusive internet advertisements.

With the FCC Considering a Hybrid Approach to Net Neutrality, Will Anyone Be Satisfied?


Under the framework, Internet service providers would be classified as an information service for consumers but a common carrier service for websites and content sites.

Jeff Bezos's Space Company Aims for Passenger Flights in 2018


'We'll probably fly test pilots in 2017, and if we're successful then I'd imagine putting paying astronauts on in 2018,' he said.

Super-Speedy 5G Mobile Network Slated to Kick Off at the 2018 World Cup


Huawei and leading Russian carrier Megafon are honing the technology in the run-up to the 2018 games.