Silicon Valley: Human Trafficking Bill 'Overly Broad'


The bill would update the Communications Decency Act to 'ensure that websites that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking can be held liable.'

Just Who Has the Right Skills to Turn Uber Around?


Experts says that communication and a capacity for empathy is a good place to start.

Panasonic Uses AI to Keep Drowsy Drivers Awake


Panasonic's system can predict and react to how drowsy a driver is and keep them comfortably awake without them even realizing the environment around them is changing.

Amazon Hub Safely Stores All Your Home Deliveries


Amazon wants to put a delivery hub in your residence so anyone can send you packages, be they friends, family or other retailers.

You Can Watch Elon Musk Hand Over the First Affordable Teslas Live Tonight


The Model 3, which can go up to 215 miles on a single charge, has a starting cost of $35,000.

Michelle Obama on Harnessing Your Power in the Face of Adversity


The former first lady shared her insights at a speaking engagement in Colorado.

Why This Old School Activity Is Beneficial to Your Brain


Research keeps showing why it's a good idea to hold on to your pen and paper.

Somebody Needs to Tell Jeff Sessions That Legalized Marijuana Does Not Cause More Crime


The Attorney General claims legal cannabis increases crime but cops and academics both disagree.

'For Sale by Owner': the Benefits of DIY Real Estate


Have you ever gasped over the amount of money sellers have to fork over to a real estate agent?

Nap-Happy Spain Finally Gets Its First Nap Cafe


But the topic of siestas in the European country is more complicated than you'd think.

Volvo to Create the Next Flying Car?


Plus, A UK-based health service startup raises $26.1 million and IKEA is looking for startups to join its Bootcamp program.

Tesla Is Making the World's Largest Lithium Ion Battery for Australia


Elon Musk offered to fix South Australia's power problem in 100 days. Australia decided to let him try.

EU Considers Another Massive Fine for Google Over Android


Last month there was a $2.7 billion fine for abusing its dominance, now Google could face an even bigger fine over Android.

China Just Built a 250-Acre Solar Farm Shaped Like a Giant Panda


A new solar power plant in Datong, China, decided to have a little fun with its design.

Build Nearly Anything in VR With Google's Blocks App


The new Blocks app, free for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, gives you a basic set of tools to create 3D objects in virtual reality, no PC required.

These 2 Graphs Explain the Retail 'Apocalypse'


Brick-and-mortar stores can't beat the convenience of online shopping, and they shouldn't try. Customers come through their doors for something else.

Singapore Tops U.S. for Best Cybersecurity


The U.S. is second only to Singapore in the UN's ranking, which examines countries' abilities to defend against cyber attacks.